An evolved and improved power trench design in AKA woods, help widen the sweet spot and improve spring effect for even more distance, even on miss hits. Automatic Driver, Fairway Wood and Utility.

A new direct repulsion face on the iron creates increased yet consistent spring effect for more distance and increased direction. A forgiving wider sweet spot means even miss hits fly far.

DAIWA has been creating fishing equipment trusted by people all over the world for many decades. ONOFF carries over that expertise and technology in carbon fiber to create golf shafts that bring out the best in performance and feel with each head. Designed for more distance and more ease of use.


ONOFF AKA focuses on a design that creates automatic distance and ease of use. A club that is easier to swing naturally, without putting pressure on players to rely on timing to create better impact, equals a club that makes golf more fun to play. Better shots and more distance, AKA is the automatic club for players who want to swing freely and just watch the ball fly!