ONOFF lady

Refreshing and flexible.

ONOFF LADY is designed exclusively women with a focus on more distance and more forgiveness for lady golfers. We’ve reduced the weight of the LADY clubs making them easier to swing than ever resulting in more distance. ONOFF LADY’s classic purple themed head sets up comfortably and provides confidence at address. Following our concept of creating an “Elegant Beauty” the design appeals to stylish ladies with a checkered pattern reminiscent of Japanese beauty. An original shaft with an all new matte finish is paired with each head creating more feel, ease of use and more distance. The ONOFF LADY Color Custom program let’s each golfer create a unique set of clubs that match each individual’s taste. A golf club focused on both a beautiful look and functionality specifically designed to help ladies enjoy golf more!

ONOFF Lady Color Custom

ONOFF LADY Color Custom options allow golfers to personalize their clubs with no additional charge. Coordinate from 5 different shaft colors matched with 3 different grip colors to create your own personal set. Take customization a step further by choosing from 3 different color badges. Be unique with ONOFF Color Custom!

Color Simulation