Dynamic Head More Power More Ball Speeds.

Fine tune your club for more distance


Tune Your Club For Your Swing

Tune your club so it matches your swing
by adjusting the head weight.
ONOFF KURO, distance and stability.

By adjusting the head weight using 1 to 12 grams of weight, you can create a club that matches your swing. An easier to swing club, increases swing speed, improves feel, and raises confidence. This evolution of our new ONOFF KURO brings out the maximum performance for players, allowing to them to gain optimal distance and accuracy.

Packed With Technology

Each New Generation Sees Innovation And Unique Technologies Help Our Clubs Evolve And Take The Next Step In Performance.

Thanks to our unique technologies, ONOFF KURO has evolved over the years to produce even more distance and more ease of use in addition to its renowned stability and feel. More performance for all golfers.

Satisfying Onoff Tour Pros

Top ONOFF tour pros compete weekly in top tier tournaments around the world and depend on the consistent performance of ONOFF KURO to meet their demands. ONOFF is able to take advantage of their feedback to continually evolve KURO and create even higher performance golf clubs.