ONOFF Tour Pro Collaboration Model

As a pro, sometimes their placement in a tournament can be decided by even a single shot. We've designed our KURO line in collaboration with top ONOFF pros with an optimal design by club concept. What this means is each club performs as it should for its intended role. Our ONOFF pros, with dozens of tour wins among them, know exactly what kind of result each club will give them in every situation. On top of this we've made KURO more forgiving than ever meaning even amateurs and recreational players can reap the benefits of KURO's all around performance and optimal design.

Forgiving, Distance.

The new driver KURO has been designed with an emphasis on distance and ease of use. We've added new technology that allows players to adjust the driver for optimal trajectory. We have also improved the head design and original shaft to provide increased ball speeds along with more stability and consistency. The new driver KURO has already had several wins on the Japanese Tour.

Play The Role.

KURO fairway woods and utilities are trusted by many pros for their consistent and reliable performance. The Radical Spoon (R3) provides driver like distance while being easy to use without sacrificing stability and control. A 4W gives the balance between ease of use and operability while the 5W and 7W add control and direction for targeting the pin. The U3 and U4 are easy to launch for more distance from various lies while the U5 and U6 provide control and confidence when aiming at the pin. Optimal design by number at its best.

One Shot At A Time.

The all new forged iron KURO combines classic looks with cutting edge technology to provide the best in feel and control along with ease of use and distance. The semi-automatic iron creates an easy high trajectory with increased ball speeds thanks to our new forged hollow body design. Made in collaboration with top ONOFF tour pros, the forged iron KURO satisfies even the most demanding golfers but is more forgiving than ever with a huge sweet spot and low and deep center of gravity. Feel and experience the difference.

ONOFF Driver Kuro

An evolved Power Trench and new ONOFF Trajectory Control System
equal more distance and forgiveness for driver KURO

view Driver KURO here

ONOFF Fairway Arms Kuro

Performance by number gives unparalleled distance plus
forgiveness and control in a fairway wood

view Fairway Arms KURO here

ONOFF Fairway Wings Kuro

A utility with the role of each club defined equals
powerful and stable trajectory to aim at the pin with confidence

view Fairway Wings KURO here

ONOFF Forged Iron Kuro

A utility with the role of each club defined equals
powerful and stable trajectory to aim at the pin with confidence

view Forged Iron KURO here