ONOFF LABODESIGN equipment series s made of of limited quantity models , such as seasonal and special items not listed in our standard catalog.


Gara Series [ikat]

In April of 2017 we released the limited ONOFF LABODESIGN GARA series of IKAT design equipment. IKAT is a Malay word for tie or bind and is a dying technique used to create patterned materials typically from Malaysia and Indonesia. IKAT patterns use a process called “Resist dyeing” – a method that prevents dye from spreading across the entire cloth thanks to tying or binding of the cloth. This tight wrapping allows controlling of the patterns and designs and can be applied in stages then weaved together. It is a complicated and time consuming process especially when multiple colors and complicated patterns are used but the results are undeniably beautiful and unique.

Caddie bag OB8717

Caddie bag OB8817

Tote Bag OV8717

Club Case OL8717

Accessory Pouch OA8717

Shoes Case OC8717

Travel Cover OY8717

Cordura Nylon Series

Light weight caddie bag series with a focus on weight reduction without sacrificing durability and functionality. ONOFF's caddie bag using high strength CORDURA nylon.

Caddie bag OB3517

Gara Series [fruits]

Part of the GARA series, an ONOFF original featuring printed fruits for a soft and bright mood.  Elegant and mature yet playful and eye catching.

[FRUITS] シリーズの詳細を見る

Denim Series

Stylish and trendy denim series bags bring casual yet functional style for demanding golfers who want fashionable and durable performance.

DENIM シリーズの詳細を見る