September 2017 Debut


A mature and sophisticated design with an attractive purple theme and two tone finish. A new and evolved Power Trench in the sole creates larger sweet spots and increased ball speeds for even more distance than ever. An Glenn checkered original shaft featuring DAIWA CARBON TECHNOLOGY matches the heads perfectly creating a lightweight club that is easy to swing for more distance and accuracy. A new custom color program to make the LADY line uniquely yours.

Create your own unique look with ONOFF LADY Custom Color options.

Appealing to ladies who love golf, want easier clubs to play and more distace, the LADY line pairs beautiful appearance with performance and functionality.

ONOFF Driver Lady

More forgiving, more distance.
A driver exclusively for ladies.

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ONOFF Fairway Arms Lady

More forgiving, more distance.
A fairway wood exclusively for the ladies.

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ONOFF Fairway Wings Lady

More forgiving, more distance.
A utility exclusively for the ladies.

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ONOFF Iron Lady

More forgiving, more distance.
An iron exclusively for the ladies.

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You can choose your own colors from
many ONOFF LADY Custom Colors.

ONOFF LADY allows players to customize their own set choosing from 6 different color shafts and 4 different color grips for 24 unique color combinations. Ladies who want to take customization a step further can also choose a custom color for their woods and irons (additional charge applies for changing colors on clubheads, shafts and grips while a special order are at no additional cost for custom colors). In total 96 unique custom color combinations are available for the lady who wants to stand out from the crowd!