Forgiving and automatic, the DRIVER is designed with ease of use and stable distance performance in mind.
The Spoon provides huge distance while balancing semi-automatic control and forgiveness. The Buffy is a FAIRWAY WOOD with semi-manual control and playbiliy.
The UTILITY U3 is easy to launch the ball, while the U5 produces iron like accuracy.
Forgiving with accurate distance control and stable direction, the FORGED IRON gives priority to manual control and playability.
From the driver to the wedge, each club's role is clear and performance optimal for its intended result. The KURO series was designed under the supervision of top Japanese Pro Shingo Katayama, creating an Optimal Design by Club. Moving from automatic to manual, the KURO clubs are ideal for the golfer desiring “All Around Balanced Performance”.


With years of Tour experience and 31 Japan Tour victories, Shingo Katayama Pro knows what it takes to excel at the game of golf. "The roles and goals of each club are clearly defined and the designs of these clubs should help players make the best shot possible, without being difficult to play. Even for me as a pro, it is hard to get good results with difficult to play clubs. Amateurs should use forigiving and user friendly clubs".

In order to achieve Katayama Pro's ideals, and create a club easy enough for the amateur but good enough for the pro, ONOFF KURO was created with the Optimal Design by Club concept.

ONOFF Driver Kuro

Power Trench produces great distance.
A straight mid-high trajectory driver.

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ONOFF Fairway Arms Kuro

Optimal design by club.
Big distance, accurate fairway wood.

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ONOFF Fairway Wings Kuro

Aim for the pin, with a powerful trajectory.
Optimal design by club utility.

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ONOFF Forged Iron Kuro

Pursuing accurate distance and direction.
Forged Iron.

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