Apparel Collection

2017 Autumn / Winter




Designed to be simple with an emphasis on fine quality. Functional style that allows you to swing easy.


An authentic adult style, basic yet fashionable, stylish yet functional.

Made in Japan

Simple design with high quality materials and craftmanship, Made in Japan.

for Men

Long-sleeve Shirt OLR101

Zip vest OLH101

Round necked sweater OLE101

Zip sweater OLE102

Jacket OLB101

Trousers OLS101

for Lady

Long-sleeve Shirt OLR601

Zip vest OLH601

Round necked sweater OLE601

Zip sweater OLE602

Jacket OLB601

Trousers OLS601


Please note that apparel is only available in very limited quantities. Some or all of the apparel items we offer may not be available in certain global markets.

Please check our SHOPLIST and contact your local dealer for availability.