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ONOFF Forged Wedge Kuro

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ONOFF Forged Wedge



Head =
Soft Carbon Steel (S25C) Forged
  • Ni-Cr Plating / Satin Finish
  • Raw / Black / Satin - SOLD OUT
Shaft =
  • N.S.PRO 950GH
  • Dynamic Gold
Grip =


● Beautifully shaped head

From the neck to leading edge, and from the neck to top line, the lines flow smoothly. Sitting square or opened up, the pleasing head shape does not distract the player and allows them to aim at the pin. Soft forged wedge with soft impact feel.

● High Spin Control Performance

A wider and longer hosel help raise the center of gravity which produces a more stable back spin heavy shot. In addition to the CG placement, 3 types of face processing help spin performance.
a) Precision milling process of wedge face surface - Milling process creates an extremely flat face for evenly distributed ball contact.
b) Optimal score line design with precision groove processing - Increased spin performance within the rules by optimizing groove depth, width, pitch, and edges. Detailed quality management of precision groove processing. High accuracy in manufacturing equals stable and consistent spin performance.
c) Laser milling of face - A laser milled face ensures optimal contact with ball especially in bad conditions like rainy or wet weather. This reduces the chance spin reduction or fliers out of the rough with more stable and predictable approaches.

● Versatile sole shape

An all around alternative sole which varies by loft depending on the role of the wedge, helps the wedge excel with various types of shot making and around the green.

● Unplated Raw Black Finish

Limited edition - 400pcs

A non-plated raw black finished version of the wedge, brings visual appeal to another level while keeping the performance traits of the Ni-Cr plated version. At address, line up the black wedge face to the white ball and swing through the ball with no fear.

*Please note

  • The black raw version of the forged wedge is made on order. Shaft and grip can be selected by the customer however please note there may be limitations on what shafts and grips can be used. Please contact your dealer.
  • The swing weight of the black raw wedge vs the standard Ni-Cr version are different due to different head weights as the result of different finishes. Please contact your dealer for more details.
  • Because the black wedge is raw and unplated, rust is likely to occur. After use, please be sure to do proper care and maintenance of your wedge to ensure its longevity and optimal performance.

ONOFF Custom Order:

Labospec Shaft & Others

Can be customized with Labospec shaft and others.

Custom Order Spec

Note about laser milling

While laser milling on the face improves performance, it does make the face thinner and more prone to rusting compared to ordinary plated products. Please be sure to properly maintain and clean your clubs for long lasting use.